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Peanut is lost in Lombard

Update: Peanut is home. Thanks for getting the word out!

Our cat peanut has been missing a week now.. He ran out of the house and cannot be found.

He is almost 2 years old in may, he is neutered and front declawed, and is a dark tabby. he is typically very friendly but I am not sure how he will be after being lost for a week now. There is a unique trait about him that will allow us to be sure if it is him or not…he had a broken tail as a baby and you can now feel it when petting him.

His name is peanut, and he was not wearing his collar at his time of escape. please help us find our kitty. We live right off of Finley road and Roosevelt road on the Lombard/Glen Ellyn border.

Please contact if you have any information about Peanut