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Found cat – Trisket

I recently rescued what I thought was a stray from a tree in my yard. I believe he is actually domesticated and/or abandoned. We have had him for a few weeks. I asked my local shelter, vet, and our community association if anyone had lost a young cat. He is not micro-chipped.

We tried socializing him in our home with our existing animals in small increments and it is very clear he is stressed by our dog. He’s also somewhat food aggressive. My vet checked him over for any visible bugs or wounds and he seems to be in good condition. He is box trained and only had one accident (outside the box) when my other cats cornered him. He is incredibly affectionate and bonded with me but no other humans that we’ve found. He’s incredibly docile with children as well but does tend to hide. I just honestly think he belongs in a home with no other animals.