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Cupcake is lost in Lombard

My boyfriend’s cat has been missing since March 15th and although he is an outdoor cat, he normally comes home a few times a day to eat, relax around the house, and sleep. He’s never been gone this long and we are worried that something may have happened to him. I have attached a picture of him and here are his details:

Name: Cupcake
Last seen: March 15, 2012 Near St. Charles and Main St in Lombard
Large orange and white tabby
7 years old
Green eyes, but left eye is missing (surgically removed and completely healed)
6 toes on each paw
Not declawed

He is a timid cat and runs away from strangers, but he is not aggressive. He is able to climb small trees and tall bushes and usually hangs out on or under porches.

Contact Dave Ventura with any information:
Cell: (630) 936-6022 Home: (630) 932-9109