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Spiderman (Spidey)

My human parents must have really seen into the future when they named me Spidey, short for Spiderman. I’m a bundle of high-flying excitement! I’ll conquer any surface in the house and make some aerial escapes. My energy never drains and I’m always in the mood for playing. But just like Spiderman, I have my Peter Parker side. When I’m finally done bouncing all over, I like to watch some sports up close to the TV and find a comfy place to crash. I’m not a cuddly cat just yet, although I enjoy a nice pet when I’m tired and wiped out. But for the most part, I’d rather spend every waking second exploring and playing at high speeds. After all, who has time to be a lap cat when there’s so many adventures to fly into?!

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  • Male

  • 9 months old
  • Orange and white short hair