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Miss Molly

Very Shy, she was caught outside, brought into a home that had a dog and cat. Was put into a room so she could hopefully adjust to her surroundings, but never did. She hid the whole time, and only came out at night to eat. Then the family moved out, and I went over daily to feed Miss Molly and clean out her litter box. This was almost a year, and only recently saw her peek her head around the corner in the basement, then disappeared.

The family caught her and brought her to my house, where she is in a room all by herself. Currently hiding under the treadmill. When we get her out from under the treadmill and put her on the bed, and pet her, she purrs. Very sweet.

I think she would be good with a single person.

When she was caught and taken to the vet to be checked out, she had and issue with her hip that the vet said might heal fine but wasn’t sure, she seems to be fine.

If you believe you have room in your home for this sweet kitty, please contact Sandy Groener.
630-386-1011 cell
630-620-0804 ext. 102 work

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  • Female

  • 15 years old
  • Tortoiseshell medium hair

  • Should be your only cat