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Yes, I’m dark and visually stunning, just like a late Manhattan night. That’s actually my full name, but I go by Manny for short. And like the Manhattan skyline, you could probably just sit and stare at me and admire my beauty. But I’m more than some kitty eye candy — my personality packs more punch than a New York Minute. I’m inquisitive, curious and thoughtful. I have a very calm and soothing demeanor, but I can still party with my pals. I like to play hide and seek, whether it’s with your toes or with my sister and brother. I love my siblings. Seriously, they’re so great! When I’m around another pet, I’m much more in my element and brave. I’d love to have a forever home with another feline friend (or one of my siblings – I love cuddling with Spidey!)
Don’t get me wrong, I can still thrive on my own! I’ve grown up so much in a short amount of time. I used to be not too sure of people, but I now I know they just want to admire my beauty, so I’ll happily oblige and let you pet me. Even if you change my name, it doesn’t change the fact I’m visually stunning and a great kitten!

2018-12-01: Lucky Manny and Mew went to the same forever home today.

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  • Female

  • 9 months old
  • Tortoiseshell short hair