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In November my granddaughter and I were visiting my mother’s cemetery. We found a tiny kitten laying near her grave. I’m not sure if he was from a litter of ferrel cats or if someone just dropped him at the cemetery, but he was very malnourished and weak. We took him home and for over a month he did nothing but sleep and eat. He didn’t even weigh 2 lbs. and had to be fed with an eyedropper and bottle. We’ve had him since. He is a loving and affectionate cat. He has been to the vet- who says he is about 8 most old. He has all his shots, is litter trained, neutered and declawed(front only)- I planned to keep him forever. But unfortunately we found my granddaughter is very allergic to the cat and since she lives with me, I have to give him up. Can you please post a picture of him at your facility so maybe someone would be kind enough to take him and give him the home he deserves. I feel awful about this-literally saving him from a sure death only to put him back without a home-but I have no choice. His name is Frank. If anyone is interested, please email me and I will be happy to answer any questions.

Frank is a very sweet, black and white, 8 month old male feline. He has been neutered, declawed (front only), has all his shots and is litter trained. He is a very affectionate house cat who is comfortable with dogs and small children. If interested, please email me at

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  • Male

  • 3 years old
  • Black and white short hair

  • Front paw declawed