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What a beautiful boy! Born May 2012, Chuyahoga is a total sweetheart who loves attention, petting and playing. He was rescued from a park/forest preserve where numerous cats were abandoned and most had medical issues, including Chuyahoga. When he was rescued, he was malnourished and suffered from numerous parasitic infestations, which took a few months to overcome. Once he recovered from that, we found out that he has a chronic viral eye infection which require daily medications to try and control the outbreaks. Even after all the intensive medical attention he has received, he still a wonderful, cuddly, interactive love bug.

Chuya needs a home where he can get the TLC he needs and the love and attention he deserves. Chuya can be in a household with other cats, but the other cat needs to be healthy. If you are looking for unconditional love and can handle his special needs, please make an appointment to meet this beautiful boy.

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  • Male

  • 6 years old
  • Brown long hair