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Hi I’m Bartholomew, better known as Bart by my friends! I was found in Addison, trapped in some wire, but was lucky someone heard my meows and then saved me.

My friend Pepper is my best friend. Pepper is my side-kick and trusty ninja partner. When there’s a new thing I find, he sits back and waits for me to figure it all out, then BAM he’s all over me and the new activity.

We roughhouse, chase and then snuggle. He really is my best friend. I hope that if you were thinking about adopting me, you’d consider adopting both of us, because we want to be together forever and ever and have a lot of fun adventures.

Bart acts like a dancing small dog racing around feet. Zip, zoom, dance… growl. We don’t think he’s a cat, but more of a cat-dog. His favorite toy is a mouse on a string and he will growl and hunker down and back away dragging it. It’s HILARIOUS.

Bart LOVES to play with his best friend Pepper. These two are a dynamic duo. They immediately dive bomb and wrestle, but rarely stay apart – they seek each other out. They chase each others tails and go in a circle high speed on the couch. They’re silly kitties.

2015-06-20: Bart and Licorice found their forever home, together, today!

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  • Male

  • 4 years old
  • Brown tabby short hair