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Kobe was returned to the shelter recently, after being adopted in December 2018. He was returned not due to behavior issues, but due to a need for his adoptive family to move across the country. This still young and beautiful little guy just needs a little time to understand his new surroundings, then he will be ready to find his new forever home.

Rosie Mittens


Darling, sweet, gorgeous girl, who has the misfortune of testing positive for heartworm. At this time, no truly effective treatment exists to cure heartworm, as medicine for dogs is not safe for cats. Regular veterinary care will help Fifi live a longer, healthier life.
Heartworm in Cats

Katy Perry

Playful and fun-loving, my kitten antics will provide endless entertainment and brighten even the gloomiest of days. I approach life with lots of curiosity and enthusiasm which keeps me excited about the world around me all day long! With my boundless energy and charisma, I absolutely love to play! But what thrills me most in life is sharing my love with those around me. I can’t wait to find a special family to cherish!

Katy is FIV+.



2019-06-13: Lucky Mr. Boo was adopted today!

Woody G

Woody is such an easygoing and affectionate cat; there is nothing he loves more than human companionship. A sure way to indulge this handsome fella is by petting, he thinks that is just purrrrrfect. Once he has your attention, he’ll roll right over for full body petting. He has quickly become a staff and volunteer favorite because of his outgoing and easygoing nature. He is a charming attention seeker that is always ready for a good cuddle session.

2019-06-18: Adorable Woody went home today!


2019-04-13: Lucky Goldie was adopted today!



Denzel is a spritely young kitty that is very sweet, affectionate and playful. He is a total love bug and such a joy to have around. Denzel’s favorite things are cuddling with his human friends, catching the elusive red dot, and simply being your best friend.

2019-03-08: Lucky little Denzel found his forever home today!