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Mike is a very affectionate guy, calling out for some rubs, and is definitely people oriented.

2020-06-29: Poor little man passed away today.


This little man of mystery goes by Don Diego de la Vega by day, but his alter ego is Zorro. Despite his name, dueling and sword-fighting aren’t really in his game. This Zorro prefers to spend his time running, jumping, and snuggling. As is fitting for a young cat, he has LOTS of energy. Zorro loves people, relishes attention, and doesn’t mind being picked up and carried.

Santa Fe


Cuffs is a beautiful orange boycat, who loves being held. He does have Feline Leukemia virus, and precautions must be taken if you have other cats. Special Needs cats still make great pets, and we are more than happy to discuss how they are affected, and what kind of living arrangements are ideal for their care.

Due to his FELV status, Cuffs needs to be an only cat, only with other FELV positive cats, or quarantined (including litter boxes, food and water dishes and physical contact from the other cats).

2020-04-28: Sweet fellow Cuffs and fellow FELV positive Skippy found their forever homes today!


Jax is such a sweet, easy-going kitty that we think he would be wonderful in just about any type of home. He loves to get his ears rubbed and shoulders scratched. If you are looking for a super affectionate companion who is full of purrs and love to give, then look no further, Jax is the guy for you!


After 17 years, Tumbie was dropped off by her family, who said they didn’t want her anymore. She is a sweet and gentle senior just looking for someone to share her golden years with. Tumbie is a remarkable girl who has won the hearts of every volunteer at Cat Guardians, and we’re sure she’ll win your heart too!

2020-03-14: Congratulations to this sweet 17 year old senior, Tumbie, on finding her retirement home today!


Pennywise is the most outgoing of the three IT kittens.

2020-06-23: Lucky little Penny was adopted today!


One of the three IT kittens.

2020-04-21: Sweet, pretty Beverly was adopted today!


2020-04-14: Lucky little Richie was adopted today!

One of the three IT kittens.


Being petted is what Laci is all about and her purr says it all! She would like a human companion to snuggle next to and would be more than willing to help with your computer work, T.V. watching or just lazing about. Laci has lived with other cats successfully but would likely be best suited with another mature, calm, kitty that is cat-friendly. This gorgeous gal would make a great lap kitty and a faithful friend.