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Sugar Pie


Cappy is a cute little orange and white boy. He is a playful terror at home, but needs time to adapt to new surroundings and people.

T.S. Eliot


2020-10-23: Sadly, soon after Shorty arrived at the shelter, she succumbed to an illness, and left to join the other CG cats who passed away in 2020.


Finch will become available on October 30.

2020-10-20: Handsome Mr. Finch was adopted today!


Helen would be perfect for someone who enjoys taking it easy with the TV on. Someone who plans their naps ahead of time and wonders why people need to play their music so loud. Someone who values friends that earned over time. Long, slow friendships filled with quiet and tender moments.

So here’s Helen putting herself back out there, looking for a new family who will give her all the love she needs to live out the rest of her years gracefully.

Duchess Marie