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Helen would be perfect for someone who enjoys taking it easy with the TV on. Someone who plans their naps ahead of time and wonders why people need to play their music so loud. Someone who values friends that earned over time. Long, slow friendships filled with quiet and tender moments.

So here’s Helen putting herself back out there, looking for a new family who will give her all the love she needs to live out the rest of her years gracefully.

Duchess Marie


Oliver is a member of the May Tuxedo trio. He is a bold, adventurous guy, who loves to play with wand toys.


Ella is one of the May Tuxedo kitten trio. She loves to play, loves to purr, and is a fun, adventurous girl.


One of the May Tuxedo kittens, Tayla is more timid than the others, but is a genuine lover of a good lap, and a fun toy.


Hi, I’m Bandit! My name suits me well being a part of the 3 Musketeers. If you know the story, I’m the one full of shadows and intelligence. My sweet shyness should not be overlooked. I am smart, thoughtful, and inquisitive. I’m still a kitten and will play with you for hours without stopping, I’ll even outplay my siblings. I love looking out the window at the big world out there, but please keep me indoors only! I would really do best, and love to go home with my sister Bootsie if you are looking for two of us. You can see me leaning on her for support in my pictures. I would like a new home with my brother Ollie too, if you like him, and I look just like him! I would be most confident going home with one of them. I take my time warming up to other animals that aren’t my siblings. If you give me love and patience, I will be a sweet addition to your family. (Also, please leave out any and all cardboard boxes when you bring me home, I LOVE them!).


Hi, I’m Ollie! I’m the laid back boy of 3 Musketeers, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have a lot of love to give. My name should really be Shadow because I will follow you everywhere. (No, seriously, please don’t accidentally step on me or sit on me!) I always want to know what you are doing. I’ll even do the dishes with you! If you take me home, get ready for ‘Good morning’ leg rubs, they’re my speciality. But watch out for your dinner plate, because I’ll make it mine, I’ll hop right up on to the table and snag your bacon or chicken.
My laid back attitude means I would do well in any family, of any size, even kids — I have a lot of patience. It turns out I like other cats too that aren’t my siblings too! I haven’t met any dogs yet, but my foster parents think I would do good with them too. Once you’re relaxed for the evening, I will plop (literally) on your legs and purr the night away.


Hi, I’m Bootsie. I’m the second sister in the 3 Musketeers crew. I think I would be the puuuuuuurrrrrfect match for you if you are looking for a puurr baby. Did I say purrr baby, instead of fur baby? Yes I did. I am so happy, I purr around the clock. I’m very chatty too. I’m the perfect mix of my siblings, laid back at times but adventurous and very playful. I’m also always ready for lap time in the evenings. I LOVE Temptations kittens treats, and I’ll follow you anywhere for some of those (see proof below). Don’t let my size in my pictures fool you, I am still very much a kitten.

Watch out for your bed because it quickly becomes mine, I’m a sucker for comfort. I’m a simple lady, a nap in the sun is my favorite afternoon delight. I would do well with any of my siblings, but keep my sister Bandit under my wing. I don’t mind other cats either that aren’t my siblings. I was scared the first time I met a dog, but over time I might learn to love one. Are you the puuuuurfect match for me?


With the biggest eyes, Alexia looks up at you for the longest while, trying to figure out if you are friend or foe. Once she has decided that she likes you, you’ll have her trust and will never lose it.


Torties are recognized as being the divas of the cat world and Bella is no different. She is one feisty, sassy girl. Even though she has a tuff exterior, once Bella trusts you, she is all yours and will make one loyal companion.

2020-09-19: Adorable Bella and fun-loving Zorro were adopted together today!